Release Notes for PubSub+ Messaging API for Python, Version 1.0.0
February 2021

New Features in this Release

This section lists the new features in the PubSub+ Messaging API for Python, Version 1.0.0.
Python API MVP (GA) Direct & Guaranteed Messaging
This is the initial release of the PubSub+ Messaging API for Python. Solace created this API to support the rich Python ecosystem and help developers create applications in Python that take advantage of the broad features of PubSub+.
This version contains a feature set that allows for the common messaging patterns like publish/subscribe using Direct Messaging and Guaranteed Messaging. This API provides support for all deployments of PubSub+ across software, appliance, and cloud.
Future versions of the Python API will introduce more features as Solace builds out the roadmap for this API.
The Python API 1.0.0 supports:
* Connection management to PubSub+ event brokers
* Addition and removal of topic subscriptions
* Sending and receiving Direct and Guaranteed Messages
* Message compression
* Use of Selectors
The Python API 1.0.0 does not support the following features:
* Request/Reply message exchange pattern
* Message Replay
* Structured data types that allow interoperability between various architectures and programming languages
* PubSub+ Cache Client API support
* Session Transactions
* XA Transactions
* Queue browsing
* Kerberos authentication

Issues Resolved in this Release


Changed Functionality


Known Issues

This section describes known PubSub+ Messaging API for Python issues for current version, and provides workarounds where applicable.
Reference NumberDescription
A large number of overlapping subscriptions in a single messaging service with a high rate of incoming matching messages from the broker may result in degraded performance.
Attempting to canonicalize very large messages on non-linux platforms (1MB+) via print or other means that invoke __str__() may not complete. When this occurs, the MessagingService will become unresponsive.
Messaging metrics within the Python API may be slightly out of sync (delayed) compared to the actual number of messages sent and received.
For more details refer to the Solace Messaging APIs page.

Release Compatibility

Supported Environments